Benefits of Summer Camp!

Hey parents! 

Are you stressing over summer plans? Are you getting nervous your children will never leave the couch, glued to their phones all summer? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you! Sign your kids up for United Youth Activities Club summer camp at United Team Sports Center! Your kids will have so much fun they won’t even remember what technology is! Okay, maybe that’s a stretch…but they definitely won’t want their phones during camp!

Did you know there are many benefits from summer camp? The first and most important being that someone else is in charge of your kids and you know they are having a blast! You can finally binge watch Netflix in your pajamas and not be interrupted five billion times! But I guess we should focus on the benefits your child will receive from camp.

 Unplug from Technology- Summer camps offer so many different activities that your children won’t be concerned with their phones at all. Why would they want to be staring at a screen when they can play different sports, go on field trips, and meet new friends?! 

Stay Active- A common summer fear among parents is that our children will become couch potatoes if we do not supply them with enough summer activities. And yes, we understand they need time to relax and rest from a busy school year, but it is so important that their brains and bodies remain active. Camp provides a perfect atmosphere for our almost couch potatoes to run around and play sports and games with friends. 

Make New Friends- Camp introduces new friends into our children’s day to day lives that they must interact with and become teammates with. 

Find a Unique Interest/New Hobby- Camp is a wonderful place for kids to try new things. There is no pressure or expectation to achieve any specific goal, other than having fun! Children can try things that may be uncomfortable or scary to them, possibly discovering a new hobby or interest. 

Build Confidence– Such as finding a new hobby, camp allows children to build confidence in many ways. Making friends and trying new things are only some of the major factors in children discovering themselves. Camp encourages children to grow in many different directions. 

Learn Teamwork- With many different sports and activities, children will become teammates with their fellow campers. They will learn how to work with others in a sport, art, or other activity to be the best that they can be. 

Have fun!!- The biggest benefit to kids at camp is having fun! The number one rule of any camp is to have a blast! With tons of activities to choose from, friends to meet, and games to play, how can kids not have fun? 

Whether it be a sports camp, tech camp, or any type of camp you can think of, we want our kids to come home on a camp high! We want them to discover new interests, make new friends, and grow in positive ways! Camp provides the perfect environment for all of this!

Are you ready to sign your kids up for camp? Head over to and read all about the United Youth Activities Club summer camp that we are excited to offer at United Team Sports Center! If you have any further questions, please contact us at (706) 850-3100 or